Svetlana Loboda

Artist Biography: The 2009 Euro-Vision contestant for Ukraine is Svetlana Loboda. Loboda is a 26 year old cultural icon in Ukraine born on 18th October 1982. Her talents include: pianist, singer, designer and television host to name a few. As a young girl Loboda attended a specialized music school and upon graduation attended Kiev's Variety and Circus Academy where she studied jazz and singing.

Svetlana Loboda has also participated in Ukraine's first ever professional musical called The Equator. She was awarded the leading role in that play which started in 2003. Loboda's career as a designer began in late 2003 when she created a new band and became the fashion designer for the band's costumes as well as being its composer. Less than a year later, Loboda would start her solo career, and a year later she would release her debut album entitled Ty Ne Zabedesh. Translated this means "You Wont Forget." 2008 would see Loboda's career go to the next level when she simultaneously released a new album entitled Ne Macho, translated meaning Not Macho, and would also start her clothing line controversially named F*ck The Macho which was a response to "Fake" style and commercialism.

In 2004 Loboda tried out for the eastern European band VIA Gra. She was one of over 500 contestants, and she became a new soloist for the band. Below is a video of Loboda perfroming with VIA Gra.

More Recently Svetlana Loboda has put her fame to a cause beyond the entertainment industry. She has started a social initiative called No Family Crimes which strives to bring attention to the global issue of domestic violence toward women.

It is also evident in most of Loboda's work that she is a sex symbol of sorts. In a lot of footage she dresses very erotically and is somewhat seductive in nature and choreography. Her website shows some of her more racy photos. (Although no blatant nudity is present if you are easily offended viewer discretion is advised.)

She was a member of the Russian/Ukrainian girl-group VIA Gra (AKA Nu Virgos) from May 2004, when she was invited to join as the replacement for Anna Sedokova, who had left to get married, through the end of September 2004, when she returned to her solo musical career.

Svetlana Loboda has successfully transcended herself from Singer/songwriter to actor, designer, TV personality and humanitarian. At a very young age she has proven to withstand the test of staying on top and being cutting edge; in a world that is always looking for the next best thing, Svetlana Loboda has not disappointed her fans and her country. The 2009 Euro-Vision contest will be no exception. She has collaborated with songwriter Yevgeny Matyushenko to produce a song called "Be My Valentine (Anti-crisis Girl)." See Video Below!

Svetlana's Recent Accomplishments
In 2006, Svetlana worked as the presenter of the TV program “ShowMania” on air of famous all-Ukrainian TV channel “Novyi Kanal” and in 2007 becomes the host of “Miss CIS” on “TET” TV channel. At the same time the singer started a tourist agency of her own “Happy Vacations”.
On October 2007, Svetlana launched the exhibition of her own photo art-works dedicated to her vacation to Inidia.
In Spring 2008, the singer released the album “Ne Macho” (Not a macho).
April 2008 saw the launch of her own fashion line wearing the name “F*ck the macho”. The scandalous, as it may seem, idea becomes the popular trend and mode concept, expressing social protest against fake glamorous trends and stereotypes.
The creative potential of Svetlana doesn’t end up with the described. Later on, in Autumn 2008, she tries herself as the script writer for the music video “Za chto” (For what). In December 2008 the video comes up on the Russian music channel “MUZ TV”, her songs show up at ring-back-tone hit list of Russian “MegaPhone” mobile operator.
On October 18th, 2008, the day of her birthday, Svetlana receives Ukrainian National Olymp Award.
At the end of 2008 Svetlana together with DJ Lutique produced a new club track "By Your Side".The single reached the top of national charts and goes on air far abroad, namely in Macao (China).

Song Description
The song “Be My Valentine” performed by Svetlana Loboda is Ukraine’s pick to represent the country in the 2009 Eurovision Song Competition. Svetlana composed the song, due to her extensive long term musical education and training. She studied piano, conducting, variety and jazz vocal, having the experience of composer would have helped her generate this catchy tune and infectious lyrics.

The song is about sexual desires and longing passion. It is clearly portraying irresistible attraction for another person who is greatly admired. The lyrics are erotic and sexuality alluring; by calling out “Be my valentine” the song implies hunger for attention and love. It also contains lines that promote praises toward the one being lusted over; “You are sexy” and “Baby, baby you’re so fine” are examples of lines taken from the song. All in all, it is a flirty and seductive song calling out to someone for a chance to “charm” and astound him/her.

The song is written in English and sang mainly in English, but at the beginning of the song there are background voices that sound like the Ukrainian language. People worldwide listened to this song and many commented on the web and in forums, some saying that she has a very energetic catchy style and drives viewers to dance, while others say that it is dull and lacking in creativity or substance. Many of her encouraging spectators and followers derive from Ukraine, supporting their representative and leaving positive feedback and praises. Some also assert that “she’s got untold number of gimmicks – not least her fantastic legs – and even if the melody isn’t strong and enticing, the song’s seemingly unforgiving personality will entrance people to pick up the phone and vote." A viewer from France said, “No one can ignore Svetlana Loboda. She produces our emotional reactions, quite different but strong, and she does!” She receives mixed reviews from around the world and Ukrainians seem to be very optimistic about her winning the competition.
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“Be My Valentine” (Anti-Crisis Girl) is an extremely vigorous song with engaging lyrics and infectious beats. It is a mix of electronic pop and dance, using both trumpets and horns to create a mash of captivating sounds and adding jazz assortments to the song. The song constantly remains strong with heavy drum beats. It begins with pounding of drums and has a dramatic over-the-top feel with choir voices and chime, and then it enters into a European influenced jazz blend of horns and trombones. The word, “BOM” is repeatedly emphasized after each line in the beginning, and Svetlana drags the “s” sound of each line of every verse to create a “snake-like” beguiling articulation. The chorus delivers a directly electronica influenced dance pop tune. The song integrates a marching band quality with snare drums thumping in the background and trumpets blaring throughout. It has recurring rhythmic lyrics and keyboard “laser” sounds are produced several times. The genre most suitable to describe this song as a whole would be Dance/Pop.

Video Content:
Svetlana Loboda exposed her chocolate-coated body in the new music video.
Eurovision nominee from Ukraine Svetlana Loboda became the heroine of extremely sexy video. In the video the singer is completely nude, and her body is covered with only chocolate syrup. Svetlana has always been a queen of shocking antics and dramatic gentures and this time she hasn’t deprived her fans of her sexual aura. According to the director’s concept Svetlana is playing a part of a delicious dish on a plate with exotic fruit. The Ukrainian bombshell descends into the plate from five meters height. The idea came from Svetlana as she was inspired by photos of a well-known macro-artist Michael Brown. It’s a so-called food-design, a modern art trend.

"Be My Valentine" - Lyrics (partial)

You are so sexy BOM
Gonna make me crazy BOM
We’re gonna do the BOM-BOM
Ain’t that amazing BOM

I’m very busy BOM
It’s not so easy BOM
I’m gonna tease you BOM BOM
Without a reason BOM

I’ll call you on the phone
You speak in monotone
Don’t want to be alone
Because I’m crazy BOM

Baby baby you’re so fine
Be my be my Valentine

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Narrative of the Entry

Ukraine's Eurovision entry was chosen from 31 semi-finalists selected by a jury who listened to the submitted songs. 14 of these performed at the Final, after one of the finalists, the band NikitA withdrew their entry (
). The Final was broadcast live, despite the National Company's (NTC) report that financial problems might threaten the broadcast. Ukraine's prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko ordered the NTC to broadcast the contest ( The Final was broadcast at the National Palace Ukraina on May 14, International Women's Day.

In addition to financial problems, the contest was also threatened by claims from Anastasia Prykhodko, a semi-finalist who did not make the Finals. Pyrkhodko claimed that the Eurovision jury violated her rights, and a media campaign was launched to reinstate her in the contest. She later became Russia's Eurovision entry (

Loboda, the winner of the Ukraine Final by both jury vote and viewer televoting, has divided Eurovision fans, some of which belief her performance is too risque and in "bad taste" (

“Be My Valentine” was presented Spring 2009 on the Ukraine’s national pre-selection by Loboda.

According to, Loboda was unable to get financial backing for her “Hell Machine” stage show, consisting of a giant cog with several lamps, and had to fund the show out of herself. According to some reports, this has cost nearly 80,000 Euros. To fund the show, Loboda remortgaged her apartment in Kyiv.

“It’s a nice apartment in Kyiv and I’ve used it to get a loan from the bank… It’s a risk – I could end up with nothing – but it’s a huge opportunity,” says Loboda (

Loboda has released a Russian version of her entry titled “Paren ti niche” (

Loboda has performed her song, at Preview Party’s all over Europe, including places such as Stolkholm, Sweden, and London (, (

Eurovision History (Ukraine)

Ukraine has participated in the Eurovision Competition for the past six years, debuting in 2003 with a respectable 14th place finish by the popular star Oleksandr Ponomaryov, the chosen representation for Ukraine that year.

Ukraine however won the second time around, in 2004 they won the competition with singer Ruslana while the finished in 19th place when they hosted the 2005 Eurovision Song Competition in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital. It was held at Place of Sports and the presenter that year was Maria Efrosinina and Pavlo Shylko.
Ukraine has never missed a final, and consequently has never been removed or eliminated in the semifinals.

Contestants throughout the years (Ukraine)

Oleksandr Ponomaryov
"Hasta la Vista"

"Wild Dances"
"Razom nas bahato" (Разом нас багато)
Tina Karol
"Show Me Your Love"
Verka Serduchka
"Dancing Lasha Tumbai"
Ani Lorak
"Shady Lady"
Svetlana Loboda
"Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl)

Ukraine has received the most points from:

Ruslana won the Eurovision Competition with her song, “Wild Dances” in 2004.

Wild Dances is a 2004 studio album by the Ukrainian singer and front runner of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. The album has been certified 5 times platinum in Ukraine, selling 500,000 over copies worldwide.

Ruslana Performing: "Wild Dances" in 2004

Recent News:

17th April 2009: The Scala in King's Cross was taken over by enthusiastic Eurovision fans, attending the second annual Eurovision Preview Party hosted by ESC Today.
The diversity of nations whose contestants performed made for a spectacular mixed show, ranging from the beautifully sung ballads of the Polish and Icelandic entries to heavy party anthems from Romania and the Ukraine.
"However, it was without a doubt Ukraine's Svetlana Lodoba who stole the show. Her hunky backing dancers were loved by the mostly gay male crowd, but it was the song 'Be my Valentine' which really won us over. Very popular with audiences (including the UK) over the last few years, if Svetlana puts in as much effort on Eurovision night as last night, the Ukraine could be ones to watch for the win" - Jessica Popper from Londonist.